Daktronics, a US-based designer and manufacturer of computer-programmable display systems, is introducing its new full-colour 20mm Vanguard Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) at the ITS America Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

The company has expanded its range of DMS to include high-resolution full-colour technology. According to Daktronics, the new range will meet the demands of transport agencies across the US, which are seeking new methods to communicate the latest information with motorists.

Recent additions to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) have helped guide agencies to provide information clearly and concisely to the public.

The guidelines state that the use of such technologies for the new Changeable Message Signs (CMS) is encouraged for greater legibility of their displays and enhanced recognition of the message as it pertains to regulatory, warning or guidance information.

In line with these guidelines, Daktronics’ full-colour DMS with 20mm pixel density has the capacity to display graphic-aided text that mimics MUTCD symbols to provide brief and clear information to motorists.

"Recent additions to the MUTCD have helped guide agencies to provide information clearly and concisely to the public."

Daktronics product manager Mike Weinberg said that the full-colour Dynamic Message Signs, through increased implementation of graphic-aided text, will continue to improve safety, ease congestion and more effectively communicate with drivers.

"The innate versatility of full-colour DMS helps advance transportation agencies toward those goals," Weinberg said.

The new Vanguard 20mm full-colour products are available in the VF-2020 walk-in and the VF-2420 front access DMS.

The expanded offering also includes new products VX-2420 and VX-2428 models, which provide dynamic content control for individual lane management with the added benefit of accommodating vital electronic components in a roadside equipment cabinet.

All DMS products of Daktronics continue to meet industry ITS standards, including NTCIP 1203 v03, NEMA TS-4, AASHTO, UL, ANSI/AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code, FCC and NEC.