Easytrip, an Irish electronic toll payment services provider, has launched its Charge2Mobile toll payment service in collaboration with O2.

Charge2Mobile will provide drivers, who currently pay by cash, with a convenient channel for paying tolls on the M50 and all other Irish toll plazas.

With the help of this service, users can pay tolls through their pre-pay or bill-pay O2 mobile account.

EasyTrip chief executive officer Dermot MacEvilly said that the inherent value of this new service is its convenience.

"M50 users can now have tolls charged directly to their mobile phone account and they no longer have to worry about fines or next day deadlines, plus it applies to all toll roads nationwide," MacEvilly added.

"Users can pay tolls through their pre-pay or bill-pay O2 mobile account."

To use the service, drivers must get an Easytrip electronic tag that is then linked to their O2 mobile account and placed in the windscreen of the car.

Once the car passes a toll location, its trip is recorded and a suitable charge is made against the driver’s mobile phone account.

The customer will receive a message from O2 confirming that the toll fee has been paid.

Currently available to all O2 customers in Ireland, Easytrip’s new Charge2Mobile toll payment offering is expected to be rolled out across other networks over the next year.

Charge2Mobile has been facilitated by payment and corporate services company Oxygen8’s mobile payments platform.