Gatso, a supplier of traffic enforcement cameras, has obtained type approval for its T-Series STATIO combined red-light and speed enforcement camera system from the Netherlands Institute for Metrology and Technology (NMi).

The T-Series-based system uses the RT3 tracking radar, which has been exclusively designed by the company for traffic enforcement purposes.

The RT3 continuously measures the speed and position of up to 12 vehicles in the coverage area at the same time, as well as enabling the detection of multiple concurrent violations, including speeding, unlike conventional across-the-road radar systems.

According to GATSO, the latest type approval is unique, as a radar system such as the RT3 has never been approved for use in the Netherlands before.

The T-Series has been approved to monitor up to four lanes of both approaching and receding vehicles.

The technology detects both red-light and speed offences, and unambiguously captures in high resolution, still images and event video.

As with all GATSO systems, the integrity and authenticity of the evidence files are protected by cryptography.

Gatso’s T-Series range features a compact 20-megapixel GT20 camera and CMOS sensor that can capture clear images of fast moving vehicles, as well as a 30fps full-frame image capture with high photosensitivity in order to allow the recording of multiple violations under all light conditions.

Gatso has recently secured two Dutch contracts for 237 combined speed and red-light enforcement cameras, and the implementation is to be completed by mid-2014.

The contracts are part of the EG100 framework agreement, which comprises the eventual replacement of 300 to 550 fixed installations across the Netherlands.

Image: The T-Series STATIO combined red-light and speed enforcement camera system uses the RT3 tracking radar. Photo: courtesy of Gatsometer BV.