VMZ Berlin, operator of the city’s traffic information centre, has selected TomTom for a ten-year partnership to provide the German capital and parts of the state of Brandenburg with real-time traffic information.

TomTom will supply its HD Flow traffic product to the operator to improve traffic management, reduce congestion, and provide fast and accurate traffic information to citizens.

VMZ will use the HD Flow to collect traffic information from all main roads to visualise, evaluate and estimate the accurate time required to travel across the entire road network.

The company will use the data to provide strategic traffic management services to the city, parts of the state of Brandenburg and for the corridor leading to and from the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport BBI.

TomTom Traffic Product Unit head Ralf-Peter Schäfer said: "Working together, VMZ Berlin and TomTom will tackle the difficult traffic issues, ultimately saving drivers in Berlin and Brandenburg time and money."

VMZ Berlin managing director Reinhard Giehler said that the company chose TomTom for its traffic product offers coverage that extends beyond traditional methods of traffic detection, such as loops, cameras and infrared sensors.

"We believe that traffic flow and road network utilisation in the region will be significantly improved by TomTom’s accurate and up-to-date information," Giehler added.

The HD Flow also determines the average speed of vehicles, helps in reducing traffic congestion, calculates and suggests fastest route.

The technology covers motorways, secondary roads and major roads, and can be easily integrated into existing maps and routing engines.

The information gathered can also be decoded onto any map and can precisely point out congestion and incident locations.

Traffic services can be accessed by the public for real-time traffic information.