INRIX, a US-based provider of traffic information and intelligent driver services, has secured a £57m contract from Network Information Services (NIS) in the UK to deliver real-time traffic speed and travel time information for the Highways Agency’s National Traffic Information Service (NTIS).

As a part of the contract, INRIX will process the entire traffic sensor data of the agency used in everyday operations, as well as analysing sensor data in combination with real-time floating vehicle data (FVD) gathered from the country’s Strategic Road Network (SRN).

The process will provide precise junction-to-junction information across the entire SRN, and help drivers and traffic operations staff to quickly locate traffic congestions.

FVD services will also be provided for areas of the SRN where sensor data is not available. The Highways Agency website will feature a new beta map, which will showcase this in operation.

"INRIX will process the entire traffic sensor data of the agency used in everyday operations."

INRIX will implement next-generation high-speed data processing in order to ensure transmission of data between the road/vehicle to the National Transportation Operations Centre operators and end users in less than 60 seconds.

The company will also test a process for combining sensor and FVD data in order to allow next-generation traffic data services, such as "return to normal" that predicts the time it takes to restore travel conditions after a major accident or other incident.

NTIS provides information of the British SRN, and is operated by NIS, a 50/50 joint venture between Mouchel and Thales UK, under contract with the Highways Agency, an executive agency of the UK Government.

INRIX operates global traffic intelligence platforms and delivers smart data and analytics to the transportation industry across the globe.