iOnRoad has launched its real-time navigation application, which is designed to improve the driving experience, for Apple’s iOS 6 operating systems.

iOnRoad’s new app, which combines the processing power of iPhone 5 and the new navigation integration offered on iOS 6, provides the driver the advantage of turn-by-turn navigation and an improved driving user interface (UI).

The app’s black-box-like video recording feature archives the users’ driving history, offering a virtual driving log, and provides drivers with a greater understanding of the events leading to an accident.

The app’s new in-phone analytics dashboard provides safety and eco-friendly details of the journey.

iOnRoad CEO Alon Atsmon said that on iOS the app can also estimate petrol prices, which can be quite useful given the fluctuation.

The app, with the help of the iPhone camera and sensors, detects lanes and vehicles in front of the vehicle, and alerts drivers at times of danger.

It also provides a wide variety of personal driving assistance functions, such as augmented driving, collision warning, speeding alert and safety scoring-features, which were found in jet-planes.

"The app’s new in-phone analytics dashboard provides safety and eco-friendly details of the journey."

Available for immediate download in the App Store for an introductory price, the iOS 6 version of iOnRoad is compatible with the iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 devices.

The iOnRoad Android and iOS apps offer a variety of personal driving assistance services and improve driving in real-time using modern computer vision algorithms and smart-phone cameras.

The company has received a number of industry awards, including the 2012 CTIA E-Tech Award, CES 2012 showcase award, and one of Gartner’s cool vendors in automotive for 2012.

Image: The iOnRoad app uses iPhone camera and sensors to detect lanes and vehicles, and alerts drivers at the times of danger. Photo: courtesy of iOnRoad.