Iteris, a US-based provider of traffic management solutions, has introduced SmartSpan, a new product that offers video detection of vehicles at span wire intersections.

SmartSpan uses proprietary dynamic zone stabilisation (DZS) algorithms to provide advance detection, as well as stop-bar detection of vehicles at intersections equipped with span wire-mounted signal lights in a cost-effective and accurate manner.

Traditionally, video vehicle detection requires stable camera mounts, which are only compatible with rigid traffic signal mast arms. However, SmartSpan can be installed on the same span wires that hold the traffic signal, without affecting detection accuracy

This capability can address the unmet needs of many traffic management agencies that have not been able to cost-effectively deploy video vehicle detection.

"Video vehicle detection requires stable camera mounts, which are only compatible with rigid traffic signal mast arms."

Iteris president and CEO Abbas Mohaddes said that SmartSpan provides traffic engineers with a seamless way to combine the benefits of video vehicle detection, traffic data collection and intersection surveillance for span wire-equipped intersections.

"This product also creates a new sales opportunity for us to provide video detection to an additional 55,000 signalised intersections, primarily in eastern and southern US states where span wire intersections are routinely installed," Mohaddes said.

"Using our proprietary DZS algorithms, we can provide video detection in locations that are subject to high winds or vibration, which can result in unwanted camera movement," Mohaddes added.

SmartSpan is a new product addition to the company’s Vantage video detection product suite, which offers detection of vehicle presence, count, speed, occupancy and other traffic data used in traffic management systems.

It builds on the Vantage video vehicle detection technology that has been implemented throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Iteris, based in Santa Ana, California, is involved in the application of advanced technologies and software-based information systems that lower traffic congestion, provide measurement, management and predictive traffic analytics, and improve the safety of surface transportation systems.