The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), US, has proposed a budget of $3.2bn in 2012-13 to be spent on highway, mass transit, bridge and public work projects.

NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson said: "The proposed programme provides for significant, road, bridge and transit infrastructure investments while also funding initiatives that will promote safety for all who share our roads and access our public transportation system."

If the proposal is approved by the Legislature, a total of $2.056bn would be used by the NJDOT and $1.155bn by New Jersey Transit. The NJDOT said in a statement that $1.6bn will come from the state, while $1.48bn will be contributed by the federal government.

The funds will be used for state and local bridge projects, highway pavement resurfacing, rehabilitation or reconstruction over the next nine years. The DOT will also use a part of fund for safety programmes, ranging from Safe Corridor, Safe Routes to School and other pedestrian safety initiatives.

A sum of money will also be used for congestion mitigation efforts, including infrastructure improvements and the use of intelligent transportation systems to manage incidents and provide motorists with timely information.

The proposed investment will also support maritime, freight and rail initiatives, as well as bicycle and pedestrian improvements. NJ Transit projects include funding for buses, track replacement and bridge and tunnel inspection.

NJ Transit director James Weinstein told "The capital programme will help us modernise our bus fleet and make improvements to track, signal and power systems, all of which have a direct impact on our constant efforts to improve the public transportation experience for our customers."