The New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) has announced NZD$12.28bn ($9bn) investments under its 2012-15 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) to build, improve, and upgrade the country’s road transport network.

The announced package of investment also includes NZD$9.38 ($7.4m) from the National Land Transport Fund which will be directed towards local roads, state highways, and public transport projects.

Over the next three years, the NZTA will use the funds in carefully selected roads projects that will improve users’ safety, aid in economic growth of the region, provide transportation choices to the public, and deliver value for money.

NZTA chief executive, Geoff Dangerfield, said the NLTP funds will be used to improve the country’s transport network and keep it well connected, well maintained and deliver the best results.

"These investments will make our roads safer, help our economy grow and give people more choice about how they travel," Dangerfield added.

"A high-performing transport system that supports improved productivity, economic growth and safety is a key priority for the government, and it is the primary objective of this NLTP."

The NZTA has allocated NZD$4.1bn ($3.2bn) for local roads, NZD$5.1bn ($4bn) for state highways, and NZD$1.7bn ($1.3bn) for public transport.

Local roads are receiving 14% more investment when compared to actual spending in 2009-12, whereas state highways and public transport are gaining 7% and 21% respectively.

The announced public transport investment of NZD$1.7bn ($1.3bn) will be used for Wellington and Auckland’s rolling stock capital investment, for implementing the integrated fares system in Auckland, and completing real-time public transport information system in Wellington.

The Authority will also invest NZD$2.8bn ($2.2bn) in road safety including NZD$1.0bn ($802bn) for road policing and road safety promotion.

NZTA developed the 2012-15 NLTP with the help of 16 regional transport committees and Auckland Transport.