Oman’s Government has allocated RO40m ($103.8m) for the construction of 253.6km of asphalt roads in rural areas of the country.

Oman Transport and Communications Minister Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Salim Al Futaisi said the project will ensure easy movement among villages and wilayats.

"While the major infrastructure projects implemented by the government are vital and strategic, the roads that connect villages, especially the remote ones, are no less important than the major projects," Futaisi said.

Under the project, roads will be constructed connecting the villages on Lahiban road in the wilayat of Saham, up to Kahnat in the wilayat of Ibri in the north of the Al Batinah governorate.

The 22.7km road planned for construction connects Jaweerat, Al Shareejah and Al Jalf, Al Sakeea, Tiwi al Qafas, Al Hajir, Qusai, Al Sadfah, Baqilah, Najd, Al Aslat, Falaj Al Abyadh, Allahiban, Hail Al Lambah, Al Hareeja, Hail Al Tareeq, Al Rahba, Kahnat and Jamima.

Oman’s ministry will also construct a 42.4km road linking Kreeb, Al Ghaiz and Hilshi, plus a 23km Humaidha road, which will serve Al Fulaij, Al Rasisi, Al Muwaithel and Al Humaidha in the wilayat of Liwa, to the north of the Al Batinah governorate.

The 22km Al Abyadh road in the wilayat of Barka in the south of the Al Batinah governorate will be rehabilitated, while 56km of road will be paved leading to Al Aqeedah, Shannah and Seeh Green in the wilayat of Al Qabil to the north of the A’Sharqiyah road.

Projects also include a 48km road from Wadi Sal to Ras Al Had, which serves Abu Fashigha, Al Shaklah and Al Mahainiyah villages in the wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali, in the south A’Sharqiyah governorate, and the 7.5km Sabt road to Al Mazraa in the wilayat of Al Kamil Wal Wafi in the south A’Sharqiyah governorate.

Other projects planned for implementation include the 14km Beladsait road in the wilayat of Bahla, a 10km Al Ayniyah Al Bori road to Somarah in the wilayat of Sumail in the Al Dakhiliyah governorate, and an 8km Al A’qil road to Al Tasaweer in the wilayat of Izki, the Al Dakhiliyah governorate.

According to the transport minister, the proposed roads projects will promote trade and business activities in the villages, as well as boost tourism.