UK-based electric vehicle (EV) charging company POD Point has teamed up with ABB, a Swiss power and automation technology firm, to provide networked rapid chargers across Europe.

According to the companies, the integration will expedite a network of public charging infrastructure that will compete with advanced geographic areas in the US.

EV rapid chargers are generally installed at transport hubs, including motorway fuelling stations, airports and city centre car parks, to cater to the needs of EV drivers.

POD Point’s partnership with ABB extends across the continent.

Current projects under the collaboration include the integration of ABB chargers into the Eire’s ESB back-office system and the installation of rapid chargers in Norway with EV Power.

In the UK, ABB has already installed rapid chargers in the Midlands, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with plans for London and Wales underway.

"POD Point’s partnership with ABB extends across the continent."

ABB’s rapid chargers, which include the Terra 51 fast charger, will be networked using POD Point’s back office systems with the help of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Terra 51 fast charger, launched earlier in 2012, can provide an 80% top-up charge in less than 15 minutes.

POD Point CEO Erik Fairbairn said that networking public charge points will drive the development of location-finding apps, which will benefit the EV driver.

"Networking is also needed to enable owners to monitor charge point usage, generate income from their charge points, and perform remote software upgrades and repair, so avoiding costly on-site maintenance visits," Fairbairn added.

Recently, the UK government’s Transport Select Committee said that the country’s Department for Transport should set out its work plan to remove barriers to charge point access across the country.