Mobile parking payment services provider QuickPay, in partnership with CreditCall, has launched a new plug-and-play mobile parking payment option.

The new service enables parking operators to have complete control over their cash flow.

Using CreditCall, QuickPay provides a single-use mobile wallet for customers, which allows them to enter their card details only once, at the time of registration.

The latest partnership allows QuickPay to bring PCI DSS Level 1 compliant parking payments into one integrated system, powering transactions by app, web, SMS and IVR.

Under the collaboration, QuickPay is also able to provide CreditCall’s gateway services for use with any existing credit card processing equipment.

"The new service enables parking operators to have complete control over their cash flow."

The partnership helps parking management companies serving a variety of owners and facilities, by allowing QuickPay to use new business logic to direct each parking payment to a different merchant account and/or to a different merchant processor.

QuickPay’s platform builds on CreditCall’s WebMIS real-time reporting system, allowing parking operators to quickly and securely monitor payment transactions and administer reconciliations across all platforms in one spot.

It allows for managing credit card activity based on terminal, facility or group of facilities.

QuickPay chairman and chief executive officer Barney Pell said that CreditCall has the widest set of merchant processor integrations of any gateway payments services provider the company has reviewed.

"We can now quickly add new parking operators without added work to integrate with their merchant processors, and no added charges for adding virtual layers on top of their merchant processors.

"This speeds time to market and time to partnership at substantially lower cost," Pell said.