SemaConnect, a US-based electric vehicle (EV) charging company, has introduced its new remote charging service at all public EV charging locations across the country.

With the help of new service, which is available 24X7, EV drivers can charge their vehicles by logging on to SemaConnect through their smartphones.

Drivers visiting a SemaConnect ChargePro station can use the new automated remote charging feature by selecting the ‘start charging now’ option available on the SemaConnect website.

They will receive remote authorisation after entering the station’s serial number and their credit card details; and can plug in the car to start charging immediately.

SemaConnect activates charging without a membership account, unlike other companies that ask for membership to begin a charging session.

According to the company, the sales of electric vehicles are increasing on the back of continuous changes in the cost of petrol.

In order to meet the rising demand of electric vehicle drivers, SemaConnect plans to expand its commercial electric vehicle charging stations with over 500 across the US.

"EV drivers can charge their vehicles by logging on to SemaConnect through their smartphones."

SemaConnect CEO and founder Mahi Reddy said that the company continuously aims to develop newer ways to assist drivers of electric vehicles to meet their charging needs.

"We’re focused on building more products that make it easier than ever to own and charge an electric vehicle.

"As the EV charging industry matures, we’re aggressively building more smart and efficient ways for station owners to manage their stations, and for electric vehicle drivers to utilise them," Reddy added.

In 2008, SemaConnect launched its first ChargePro 620 edition and EV software called SemaCharge.

Image: SemaConnect’s fully-automated remote EV charging service allows drivers to charge their vehicles by logging on to SemaConnect in their smartphone. Photo: courtesy PRWeb/ SemaConnect Inc.