Sensys' Speed Safety System

Sensys America, an exclusive distributor in the US for Sensys Traffic, has been awarded a contract to supply speed and red-light enforcement systems to Washington DC.

Speed enforcement includes fixed speed enforcement and mobile speed enforcement systems.

Based on the RS240 multi-tracking radar, Sensys’ fixed speed enforcement system, the Speed Safety System (SSS), has the capacity to track multiple vehicles simultaneously.

The company’s mobile speed enforcement system, the Mobile Speed Safety System (MSSS), is non-intrusive and features radar, a processing and data storage unit and a digital camera.

Both fixed and mobile systems provide continuous speed verification, take high-resolution digital images, and help in number plate and driver identification.

The company’s red-light enforcement system, known as the Red Light Safety System (RLSS), is capable of detecting a vehicle that passes the stop bar during a red light.

It also provides data for time, date, location, vehicle speed, speed limit, red-light time and grace time.

The US capital will place purchase suborders for these systems through the framework agreement with Sensys America, which in turn will place orders with Sensys Traffic.

Sensys Traffic, based in Sweden, is engaged in developing, producing and marketing a variety of systems for traffic informatics and safety.

Image: Sensys’ Speed Safety System is based on the RS240 multi-tracking radar and is capable of tracking multiple vehicles simultaneously. Photo: courtesy of Sensys Traffic.