Mobile Speed Safety System

Sensys Traffic, a developer of products for traffic safety and informatics, has been awarded a new contract to supply speed and red-light enforcement to an undisclosed customer in Latin American.

Delivery for the SEK2m ($302,610) order is likely to be carried out during the summer, and will be primarily taken from existing inventories.

This latest order is an extension of a previous order from the same customer.

In early May 2013, Sensys received an order for speed and red-light enforcement systems, which is now being increased by SEK2m.

The company’s original SEK1m ($151,327) contract was awarded in December 2012, and was Sensys’ first in the region.

At the time of receiving the first order, Sensys Traffic CEO Johan Frilund said that the country provides great potential for the development for the company.

Sensys Traffic develops and markets a number of systems for traffic informatics and traffic safety.

Its products are mainly used for speed and red-light enforcement.

Sensys’ speed enforcement systems, based on the RS240 multi-tracking radar, comprise fixed-speed enforcement and mobile speed enforcement systems.

The company’s fixed-speed enforcement system, the Speed Safety System, has the capacity to track multiple vehicles simultaneously, while the Mobile Speed Safety System is non-intrusive and features radar, a processing and data storage unit, and a digital camera.

Its red-light enforcement system, the Red Light Safety System, has the ability to detect a vehicle that passes the stop bar during a red light, and provides data for time, date, location, vehicle speed, speed limit, red-light time and grace time.

Image: Sensys’ Mobile Speed Safety System is non-intrusive and comprises radar, a processing and data storage unit, and a digital camera. Photo: Sensys Traffic.