TomTom, a supplier of location and navigation products and services, has broadened the functionality of its Map Share service to help ease traffic congestion during the London Olympics.

Map Share will provide users with an update on route changes, temporary road closures, changes in traffic flow and additional turn restrictions as and when they happen across London during the sports season.

The company will alter the map daily according to the new route changes, which users can access and then navigate their routes to avoid congestion.

TomTom UK country manager Tom Brown said that the company released the latest map update in May, which included structural road changes in London and surrounding areas and points of interest relevant to the summer.

"Now we are going one step further. We want to ensure that our customers drive with the most up-to-date map available, taking into account the dynamic road changes resulting from upcoming events in the capital," Brown added.

"Our aim is to do all we can to give London drivers the best navigation experience possible."

The daily map changes around the London Metropolitan Area would most likely include blocked roads, new traffic directions, altered turn restrictions and new points of interest.

According to the company’s map experts, 28 July 2012 is predicted to be the most disrupted travel day with over 9,000 road changes to be introduced as experts work continuously on map changes to update users.

The customers of the service can download the next day’s road changes on their navigation devices and set alerts according to their requirement.

The service is free of cost and lets drivers personalise their map, save and share map changes, and receive an estimated 250,000 road changes each month from other users.