Dutch firm TomTom has redesigned its GO series of portable navigation devices (PND) to offer a new interactive map, more in depth traffic information and 3D maps.

With the help of the interactive map, drivers can easily get the travel information through a high-resolution, capacitive touchscreen.

Drivers can tap on the touchscreen map to find the route to their destination or access in depth travel information.

The ‘Lifetime TomTom Traffic’ feature provides traffic information by pinpointing exactly where delays start and end, helping drivers to reach their destinations faster, while the 3D maps offer drivers easier navigation.

Drivers can connect to TomTom to update information either via a smartphone’s bluetooth or through available data connection.

Customers can choose between three models with screen sizes 4.3in, 5in or 6in.

"Drivers can tap on the touchscreen map to find the route to their destination or access in depth travel information."

Other features include ‘Route Bar’, which shows exact traffic and speed camera information on the road ahead at a glance, ‘Quick Search’ finds the destination the moment a driver types the name, ‘My Places’ enables drivers to personalise the map with their favourite locations, and ‘Lifetime Maps’ allow drivers to download four or more full updates of the map onto the device annually for the life of the product.

Consumers can also get a three-month trial of a feature that allows drivers to receive alerts for speed cameras ahead and increase the awareness of local speed limits.

TomTom Consumer managing director Corinne Vigreux said that where navigation used to be about getting people to unfamiliar destinations, the company is now empowering drivers with easy access to the information they need to make the smartest driving decisions, every day.

"We have completely redesigned the PND to become an essential daily driving tool," Vigreux added.