The UK Highways Agency, as well as the police, fire and ambulance services, have all signed up for Collision, Lead, Evaluate, Act, Reopen (CLEAR) booklet, an initiative aimed at improving incident management and traffic congestion.

The CLEAR booklet will help to analyse and review the way incidents are managed and identify potential ways to improve the management of traffic congestion.

The booklet will also help emergency responders coordinate effectively and smartly to move traffic and ensure safety of road users.

The CLEAR initiative is a part of the government strategy to reduce the £1bn cost that it incurs on motorway and major trunk road incidents.

The guidelines will help a smooth flow of traffic during London Olympics 2012 and afterwards.

Roads Minister Mike Penning said that in 2011, almost 90,000 incidents led to lane closures and delays on England’s motorways.

"There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end. But even worse than that is the shocking £1billion cost of those lost hours for our economy," Penning added.

"That is why it’s important that emergency responders are clear about their roles and responsibilities and work smarter together to keep traffic moving in support of economic growth, as well as continuing to ensure the safety and security of all road users."

Ambulance chief executives association chair Peter Bradley said it is an excellent example of cross agency working.

"From an ambulance service perspective anything that enables us to reach those ill or injured on the road more quickly and in a more coordinated manner is good news," Bradley added.