The Highways Agency in the UK has suspended all non-essential road works along Olympic routes until 14 September 2012, to allow a smooth and unhindered transit for athletes, officials and visitors.

The agency will not undertake any new road work around the games venue and alternative route network, and execute only the essential maintenance at night.

Highways Agency Network Delivery and Development director Derek Turner said that the agency is expecting all roads around venues to be considerably busier.

"Visitors to the games are strongly encouraged to use public transport to alleviate pressure on the roads," Turner added.

"As part of our preparations, we have programmed our roadworks to be completed in time for the games to make as many lanes available as possible, helping drivers who make part of their journey to a park and ride before travelling on to their venue by public transport."

The agency has upgraded the motorway M25 to add another 38 miles of increased capacity, improved the Dorset junction to reduce journey time between London and Weymouth, and provided a managed motorway to ease the congestion for the travellers.

Highway Agency Traffic Management director Simon Sheldon-Wilson said every day of the games will be different, so if one must drive, whether going to the games or not, plan ahead, avoid peak times and allow more time for your journey.

"If at all possible, avoid driving in central London, on or around the Olympic Route Network and around venues during the games," Sheldon-Wilson added.

The agency will also provide the drivers with real time traffic information to avoid congestion.