The Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) has deployed 61 LUKE II multi-space parking pay stations in the city of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, US.

The solar powered LUKE II pay stations will become operational in June 2012 and sell beach passes, boat launch permits and present the users with an option to extend their parking time through SMS.

Operated in a pay-by-space mode, LUKE II pay stations will replace 965 single-head metres and does not require customers to open an account for it.

Lake Geneva city administrator Dennis Jordan said as a tourist destination, the city needed a parking system that was easy to use and let the city manage more than just parking permits.

"With the ability to extend time via phone and purchase beach passes and boat launch permits at the parking meter, we are providing our visitors with the most convenient parking experience possible," Jordan added.

DPT product management and marketing vice president Alan Menezes said with a simple text message, extend-by-phone removes the anxiety people used to feel about getting back to their car before a parking session expires.

"Not only is this more convenient for consumers, but the city can better ensure compliance with its parking policy," Menezes added.

DPT’s LUKE II accepts coins, credit cards for payment and utilises Wi-Fi network infrastructure to authorise credit cards and to access DPT’s backend Enterprise Management System (EMS).

The EMS generates detailed reports on revenues which can be retrieved by the city officials for real time information.

DPT designs, manufactures, and distributes electronic pay stations, management software and online services for the parking industry.