Salt Lake City in the US and Aparc Systems, a North American developer of parking and enforcement technologies, have entered into a partnership with mobile payment platform provider QuickPay to offer mobile parking payment.

Implemented as a part of a broad infrastructure upgrade by Aparc Systems, the mobile payment option provides Salt Lake City drivers with convenient parking access with advanced features.

Salt Lake City has already replaced over 2,100 single-space, coin-operated metres with a cost-effective solution that features Aparc Systems’ enforcement and management software and multi-space pay stations, and the QP QuickPay mobile payment platform.

The QuickPay platform facilitates the execution of programmes such as parking loyalty plans, coupons, dynamic pricing and automated validations from local businesses.

Salt Lake City Corporation Transportation director Robin Hutcheson said QuickPay is well-aligned with the city-wide initiative around mobile commerce.

"Mobile parking payments bring a new level of convenience and ease of use, especially over the old coin-operated meters, and will streamline the parking and payment process for downtown parkers," Hutcheson added.

As well as helping drivers to find and pay for parking, the new system improves enforcement and provides enhanced parking data and reporting to city officials.

"Salt Lake City has already replaced over 2,100 single-space, coin-operated metres."

With the help of the system, parkers can tap or scan the QP QuickPay sign with their smartphones, and even receive automatic expiration notifications.

QP QuickPay free app is available on iPhone or Android; however, users without smartphones can create an account and pay by phone through text message or voice pay.

Parkers can receive e-receipts for all transactions and can access their full account histories online.

The new move complements the city’s initiative to promote mobile commerce, as a part of Isis mobile commerce programme, which is first being introduced in Salt Lake City on a pilot basis.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, QuickPay provides a cloud-based mobile parking access and revenue control system that integrates with any legacy parking infrastructure.

Aparc Systems provides an array of solutions to help municipalities, governments, universities and parking management companies boost revenue and improve their parking operations.