IBM and Veolia Transdev are developing a smarter mobility solution to reduce traffic congestion, make optimal use of the transportation infrastructure and improve the overall travelling experience.

The public transport management solution will help cities cut down operational costs, minimise service interruptions, improve the use of existing transit infrastructure, optimise public transport ridership and generate transport revenues amongst other benefits.

The companies are piloting the smarter mobility solution in the city of Lyon, France, as a part of the city’s Optimod project, which tests and validates new solutions and services that improve movability of people and passengers.

Lyon Senator Mayor Gérard Collomb said that the IBM and Veolia Transdev-developed smarter mobility solution opens new opportunities to all urban mobility projects.

"This level of innovation is the reason why we engaged with IBM and Veolia Transdev – together with the other partners of the project – to contribute to the Optimod’Lyon partnership, aiming at building sustainable mobility solutions for the future," Collomb said.

Veolia Transdev Group CEO Jérôme Gallot said: "This solution offers cities a less expensive option compared to the investment required with building new infrastructures and, at the same time, improves quality of life for their citizens."

Travellers can access real-time traffic information using the new solution, as well as avoid or bypass traffic jams, and save time and money.

IBM France chairman Alain Benichou said: "This new solution will arm cities with real-time information about their transportation systems so that they can improve efficiency and enhance the travel experience for citizens."

The technology integrates Veolia’s public transit industry expertise and IBM’s data and advanced analytics.