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Vaxtor Systems

Vaxtor Systems is a leading provider of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) solutions using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

The company supplies licence plate recognition (LPR) products with cutting-edge technology for highways, on-board solutions, cities and smartphones.

Vaxtor Systems' hardware-agnostic technology integrates main IP camera manufacturers and third-party products with the company's systems in real time.

Resilient and platform-independent OCR Engine

Vaxtor's products share the same OCR engine, allowing the company to improve its capabilities with each new release.

The OCR engine has been specifically developed to work in adverse environments with low light or bad weather conditions. It can recognise shadowed, burnt or damaged plates.

The engine's multiplatform technology is country-independent, although a grammar-match option is available to increase accuracy and identify a plate's country of origin. The fast, reliable engine recognises single and multiple-line plates, different font and background colours, and uneven size characters.

Licence plate recognition from live video stream

VaxALPR is a software application that recognises licence plates from a live video stream.

The software acquires videos, sends images to the OCR engine, processes OCR results (providing free-flow logic, and managing multiple readings), and implements higher level logic to improve native results from the engine.

VaxALPR can be integrated by third parties through different procedures, such as TCP / IP sockets and web services.

ANPR solution for mobile devices

VaxALPR Smartphone is an ANPR software application designed to run in real-time from a mobile device.

It comes with two different architectures; centralised, which allows the user to send images to the company's LPR servers and receive the plate result almost instantaneously; and local, which makes use of the VaxALPR OCR engine built inside the native smartphone platform.

VaxALPR Smartphone is suitable for several cases, such as walking patrols to check vehicles status in real time, quick setup of temporary vehicle checkpoints, efficient surveillance of access control surroundings, or new urban mobility systems.

Onboard ANPR solution for vehicles

VaxALPR Onboard is an ANPR system specially designed for operations from inside a vehicle. It is a flexible solution adapted to the user's needs, and provides different configurations with several camera types connected to a PC, tablet or rugged equipment.

The system reads both parked and moving vehicles, as well as offers recognition in both directions, in daytime conditions or poorly lit environments. It can be fully powered by the vehicle's battery, and is quick and easy to install.

VaxALPR Onboard presents a maximum capturing rate of nearly 4,800 plates per minute by using four ANPR cameras operating simultaneously. This equates to 20 plates per camera per second with no performance delay, despite the system analysing four video streams simultaneously in 720p resolution.

The software operates in continuous, burst or manual mode, as well as incorporates various mechanisms for matching readings and exporting results through 3G and Wi-Fi.

Traffic monitoring, smart cities surveillance, or parking

The VaxALPR Acceso platform operates one or more ANPR systems in any scenario (for example traffic, parking, or on the highway) in order to collect vehicle licence plates in real time for further or instant processing.

VaxALPR Acceso supports both centralised and distributed architectures, in addition to solves problems related to unstable communication systems, such as mobile networks or WiMAX. The platform is integrated with numerous third-party access control systems and network video recorder (NVR) devices.

For a full-access control system solution, VaxALPR Acceso can be shipped with the Helix-5 management server, a web-based solution that records LPR results. Helix-5 features a client-server architecture and a high-scalability design.

Helix-5 is a multi-user, multi-role solution that includes a powerful zones / camera management tool and a flexible query sub-system for exporting results.

The system also offers customisable multi-list implementation, flexible integration, live screen-to-monitor list matches, different notification types (such as e-mail and text messages), water-marked images with lifetime configurations, multimedia content for cameras, and audit support.

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