Road tests

New driving students who undergo training at state-approved driving schools can avoid taking their written and road tests in Arizona, US, at motor vehicle division (MVD) offices when applying for their licences.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there are however, certain requirements that driving-school students must meet.

In order to qualify, students must be Arizona residents and attend classes at an ADOT-contracted driving school.

In order to waive the written exam, a minimum of 30h of classroom training is mandatory and at least ten hours of behind-the-wheel training to skip the road exam.

"We hope more drivers will utilise these training opportunities."

MVD director Stacey Stanton said: "Our top priority is safety.

"Through this programme, we’re partnering with the private sector to encourage new drivers to get as much professional instruction as necessary until they can safely drive on their own. We hope more drivers will utilise these training opportunities."

Only a few certificate holders will be randomly selected to take the written or road exam at the agency, even though most of the students presenting training completion certificates at the offices will get their instructional permit or driver licence at that time.

The quality of instruction being given at the driving schools can be assessed with the help of random testing.

Selected certificate holders are required to approach the MVD office prepared to take the written or road exam.

The latest step in enhancing driver training, and providing opportunities for ADOT-approved driving schools to issue certificates of completion to potentially bypass MVD office testing is said to part of ADOT’s new Strategic highway safety plan.

Image: Driving-school students need to meet certain requirements to avoid taking their written and road tests. Photo: courtesy of artemisphoto on