Smart Lynx Integrated Solutions for Smart Parking and Urban Traffic Management

Smart Lynx is a dynamic new player on the smart parking and urban traffic management market.

The company provides state-of-the-art, end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that support the optimised and continuous monitoring of public and urban areas.

Unique, magnetic detection-based sensors using the latest technologies

Small, flush-mounted, NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT) parking and traffic monitoring sensors are the core of our comprehensive solution. Due to the magnetic detection-based method, accurate and reliable vehicle detection can be achieved regardless of weather, traffic or surface condition.

The sensors communicate via an NB-IoT network, which means that no additional network equipment (such as node or gateway) is required. This technology ensures a highly energy-efficient performance, enabling Smart Lynx traffic monitoring sensors to have a lifetime of up to two years. Meanwhile, Smart Lynx parking sensors have an average lifetime of five years without any external power source.

An artificial intelligence-based algorithm evaluates raw magnetic data coming directly from the sensors whenever there is a change in their magnetic field. This sophisticated algorithm also continuously recalibrates the sensors based on historic events while adapting to environmental changes to ensure a service reliability rate of more than 99%.

The sensors’ unique, double-cylinder construction ensures a quick and easy (approximately two-minute-long) one-person replacement process when necessary, without the need for any additional heavy equipment.

As a result of continuous improvements, a dual-detection model (magnetic and radar) will also be available by late 2020. Combining the magnetic detection method with supporting radar technology enables an enhanced performance compared to conventional magnetic or infrared detection methods, as radar-based parking sensors are not vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, nor are they affected by any weather or surface conditions.

Cloud-based IoT platform for operation and data management

Smart Lynx’s Cloud-based operation and data management platform provides a complete solution for real-time data collection and remote sensor network management.

The system also provides system administrators with essential operational information and notifies relevant support teams if an anomaly is detected.

Due to the modern, standardised system construction, seamless third-party system integration can be provided via standard application programming interfaces (APIs).

Essential statistics and insight dashboard for city management professionals

Smart Lynx’s online dashboard provides essential statistical information to parking operators that enables them to remotely monitor real-time and historical parking place occupancy and traffic data in order to better utilise the infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

Predefined statistics such as average parking time, the number of parking events and occupancy rate, are only one-click away. Further access to a more advanced reporting interface is provided upon customer request, which enables flexible reporting capabilities, allowing parking operators to generate unique reports over a large cross section of data.

This way, they can get a real and deep understanding of how their parking infrastructure is used, opening possibilities for improvements.

Easy-to-use mobile application to guide drivers towards free parking places

An intuitive mobile application for on-street parking purposes is available for both iOS and Android users. It helps drivers to find free parking spaces faster, therefore saving them time, frustration and money while also protecting the environment.

The app visualises real-time on-street parking place occupancy data in a map-based, mobile-friendly way, whether drivers are looking for loading, disabled, electric charging or regular parking spaces.

Drivers can navigate to their chosen destination with their preferred navigation app. When the smart parking mobile application detects that the driver has reached the vicinity of its destination a push notification appears to inform the driver where the closest free parking spaces are.

In addition to informing users about up-to-date toll zone information, parking transactions can also be initiated via the mobile application.

Dynamic, LED-matrix displays for a complete parking guidance system

On-street, dynamic, LED-matrix displays provide real-time information about the number of free parking spaces in the vicinity to raise the solution to the highest level possible.

These displays guide drivers who do not know about or do not use the mobile application towards free parking spaces. This addition to the whole solution can be extremely helpful in avoiding congestion around dead ends or one-way streets.

Our mobile application is currently used in Hungary (also available in English), with more than 3,800 parking sensors operated by our company in the capital, Budapest.

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Press Release

Smart Lynx’s Smart Parking Solution to be Deployed in 5,200 Parking Spaces in Budapest, Hungary

After the completion of the first two phases, Smart Lynx Ltd. has successfully won the tender for the third phase of the deployment of its smart parking solution in the 5th District of Budapest, Hungary.

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Smart Lynx’s Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring Solutions in Downtown Budapest

Smart Lynx provides a complex solution to urban traffic-related issues such as limited availability of vacant parking spaces, traffic congestion and environmental problems in the always crowded 5th District of Budapest with its Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring solutions.

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Press Release

19 October 2020

After the completion of the first two phases, Smart Lynx Ltd. has successfully won the tender for the third phase of the deployment of its smart parking solution in the 5th District of Budapest, Hungary.

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