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Traffic Tech High-Performance Motorway Barrier Systems

Traffic Tech is a leading developer and manufacturer of unique automated motorway barrier systems for the ITS industry.

Our range of Intelligent Automated crash barriers includes, the ARMB® movable median, the Rusthoven motorway boom barrier, the VEVA3®  crash barrier and the CADO motorway emergency gate. We also supply in-pavement lights (IPLs) and our patented EzyLoops pre-formed vehicle detection systems.

ARMB – remote-controlled moveable barriers for motorways, tunnel and bridge, traffic diversion applications

Traffic Tech’s remote-controlled automated rapid movable barrier (ARMB®) is an innovative traffic management solution.

The ARMB®  is easy to install and offers a robust design with a customised operating interface. The system can be controlled at the traffic management centre (TMC) and offers automated repositioning and integrated LED lighting, optimising safety and cost.

The ARMB®  is suitable for tidal flow and reverse flow (RF) applications and scheduled maintenance or use in swift tunnel closures in case of emergencies. It can also be used in conjunction with movable concrete barriers.

VEVA3®  – automated movable crash barriers for motorways

The VEVA3® is an automated movable crash barrier designed to be installed on motorways to divert or manage traffic flow and control traffic in either direction.

If a traffic diversion is required, the remote control VEVA3® provides the safest solution for both driver and the motorway operator as it enables quick and safe deployment ensuring an efficient contraflow system without needing traffic control personnel to attend.

The VEVA3® is constructed of modular steel units 6m in length with a total system length of up to 120m. When installed, it provides a continuous fixed crash barrier that fully meets both EN1317 and MASH standards.

CADO®  – Steel gates for motorway emergency services

The CADO® is a steel fabricated emergency gate that is designed to be installed in a concrete Jersey barrier. When opened by the TMC or First responders, provides quick access for emergency vehicles between separated traffic channels.

The CADO® can provide an opening of up to 15m in the new jersey barrier by opening vertically within 30 seconds of activation.

It is ideal for emergency vehicles and first responders to get to an accident without being impeded by traffic.

Rusthoven Boom-barrier  for motorway and tunnel closures

The Rusthoven Motorway Boom-barrier is the most robust boom-barrier on the market. Designed for use at the entrance of tunnels and bridge approaches, the Rusthoven Boom-barrier can sit idle for 10 years and still operates for the one-time emergency closure when it really counts.

IPLs – In-Pavement Lights

The in-pavement Lane Lights are ideal for dynamic delineation lane marking. These ultra-flat road markers combine robust design and mechanical resistance with luminous excellence, flexible switch and flash mode with low energy consumption.

Uni and bi-directional light output available with day time visibility LEDs perfect for your motorway solution

EzyLoops – Pre-formed traffic detection loops

The EzyLoops system is Traffic Tech’s Patented range of sub-surface electromagnetic traffic detection loops for use at signalised intersections and on motorways.

Installation is quick and easy as they are pre-formed and installed during construction or maintenance of the road surface. Over 20,000 EzyLoops installations throughout Australia.

About Traffic Tech

Traffic Tech is an ISO 9001 accredited company, with its head office located in Sydney, Australia.

Traffic Tech focuses on the development and manufacture of innovative products for the civil engineering and ITS sectors, including local councils, state government authorities and major road infrastructure companies.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the civil engineering and ITS sectors, the company has expanded its portfolio to include the distribution of unique high-quality traffic management products.

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Traffic Tech Pty Ltd

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