The New South Wales (NSW) Government in Australia is set to start fitting sound barriers near a busy section of Alfords Point Road to help stop Menai residents being disturbed by traffic noise.

The project is being delivered by Roads and Maritime Services as part of the Noise Abatement Programme.

The Noise Abatement Programme seeks to reduce the sound of traffic for houses and noise-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and churches that are exposed to high levels of passing vehicles.

Under the programme, residents will also have the opportunity to apply for acoustic treatment on their homes provided they meet certain criteria. However, owners will have to pay a contribution towards the costs of this work unless they have lived there for seven years or more.

“The noise wall is approximately 318m-long and 6m-high.”

Roads and Maritime Services will install the noise wall in the northbound verge of Alfords Point Road, just behind the intersection with Old Illawarra Road at Menai.

The noise wall is approximately 318m-long and 6m-high. It has been designed to fit with the local landscape, with low levels of maintenance.

The agency is scheduled to start installing the noise wall in March. The work is likely to be completed within a year.

To ensure the safety of workers and motorists, traffic control and lane closures will also be in place.

The Noise Abatement Programme is being funded by the NSW Government and will be delivered by the Roads and Maritime department.