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Geveko Markings: ViaTherm Thermoplastic Road Marking

A long-lasting thermoplastic material, ViaTherm can be sprayed, extruded, or manually applied on roads to form Type I or II markings.

Geveko Markings: PREMARK, TacPad and TacGuide

PREMARK, a preformed thermoplastic road product, and TacPad and TacGuide, visual aids and markings for partially sighted and blind road...

Geveko Markings: PlastiRoute Cold Plastic Line Marking

PlastiRoute is a range of cold plastic products for marking roads. The three classes of PlastiRoute include, PlastiRouteĀ® FP (Fine...

Geveko Markings: HSRoute Solvent-Borne Road Marking Paint

HSRoute is a selection of high-solid products and solvent-borne paints for marking roads.