Momentum Dynamics Corporation, a provider of wireless charging for electric vehicles (EV), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Eurovia UK to develop wireless EV charging solutions for cities and fleets in the UK.

Eurovia UK is engaged in the maintenance and improvement of more than 50,000km of highway network in the UK.

Momentum Dynamics CEO Andrew Daga said: “The cities of the future will charge their vehicles wirelessly, whether those vehicles are driven by people or especially when driven autonomously. This means we need to plan today for that very near tomorrow.

“Our work with Eurovia UK will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles without adding unsightly cables to our lives and move us all toward a cleaner future.”

The new MoU between the two companies is expected to deliver a cable-free solution to the UK’s electric vehicle charging network.

Momentum Dynamics said that its wireless EV charging solution allows practically invisible charging during regular operations.

The system is automatic and takes away the need for visually-detracting cabling.

EVs equipped with the system are charged when the vehicles are parked over areas with charging pads sunk into or on the roadway.

Once parked in the designated areas, the EVs are charged automatically and require no operation by the driver. The charging ends as the vehicle departs from the pad.

Momentum Dynamics’ wireless charging system has the capacity to provide energy to vehicles ranging from 25kW to 450kW.

Eurovia UK Process and Improvement director Yogesh Patel said: “From our work with many Highway Authorities up and down the UK, we understand the need to develop and deliver real solutions to the climate challenge.

“The Momentum Dynamic solution is one we think will make an immediate difference,  providing wireless charging in a cost-efficient, time-efficient and visually appealing way.

“As we plan for the long-term adoption of electric vehicles, we need to ensure we develop infrastructure that adds value to our communities without additional clutter on our streets. We were inspired with Momentum’s work on wireless taxis with Jaguar Land Rover in Oslo and we see wireless charging as one of the solutions we need to explore to achieve net zero in the UK.”