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Independent Test Report for Overhead Traffic Counter

01 October 2015 by ADEC Technologies

The present report describes the final report of the 3rd party conducted, independent test of the overhead detector 'TDC3-8-F-B-45' by ADEC. The detector uses three distinct sensing technologies: Doppler radar, ultrasonic and passive infra-red.

The report is based on TLS 2002 (Technical Delivery Requirements for Data Collector Outstations, Issue 2002) in regards to the quality of the vehicle classification and the speed acquisition. The primary goal of the analysis is to determine the classification performance. The secondary goal is to determine the speed measurement performance using comparative speed measurements by a speed reference system.

ADEC appointed AutomationX from Austria to independently conduct the testing on an ASFiNAG testing site.

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  • Independent Test Report for Overhead Traffic Counter