Two US cities, including Las Cruces in New Mexico and Altoona in Pennsylvania, will install new card-based traffic detection system by mid 2009.

The VideoTrak-IQ systems from Peek Traffic give a card format solution and can be ordered with 1, 2, 3 or 4 camera inputs.

Las Cruces has ordered a four-camera VideoTrak-IQ video detection system, Peek colour cameras and sunshields.

The order also includes a video and power camera interface panel (CIP) and a four-camera VideoTrak-IQ video traffic detection card, as well as cabling and wiring harnesses.

The card fits in all standard detection racks or input files, and will interface seamlessly into NEMA TS1 and TS2, 170, 2070, and ATC traffic control cabinets.

Altoona has also ordered 110 VideoTrak-IQ cameras and sunshields, 50 two-camera, ten three-camera, and two four-camera VideoTrak-IQ Detection Cards.

VideoTrak-IQ has the ability to view and monitor four video channels at a time using a single card or shelf-mounted unit. It also configures zones interactively onscreen using a standard monitor and mouse.