Flash Technology for Speed Cameras and Traffic Enforcement Devices

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Phoxene manufactures products to deal with the complexity and diversity of traffic enforcement with high-performance flash or strobes that make a crucial difference when capturing short to long distance images, as well as with visible or infrared light, multi-lanes, and multi-shots captures.

Traffic enforcement imaging through flash devices

With almost a decade of experience in traffic regulation, and more than 2,000 flash units deployed worldwide, Phoxene has acquired an understanding of enforcement imaging. It offers a range of flash devices to match system integrator requirements, including:

  • High-brightness images, even with standard cameras
  • Variable distance from flash to car, 10m to 80m
  • Multiple car shots thanks to flash burst mode
  • White, red or infrared light
  • Dynamic adjustment of flash light power for day or night

Variable flash light intensity for clearer images of vehicles on roads

Phoxene high-performance flashes give clear pictures even when used with low-cost or standard cameras.

Specifically designed for traffic enforcement, Phoxene proposes solutions to cover short-medium and long distance image capturing, and thanks to the proprietary electronic design, light output remains constant from one shot to another.

High light intensity can also be required during a fast flash sequence. Phoxene has solutions to help guarantee up to eight flashes within a hundredth of a second. The embedded microcontroller manages light intensity so that images are always properly exposed.

Beyond this capability, Phoxene's flash devices can take into account scenarios where light intensity must be adapted from one shot to the other. Multiple images are typically for traffic light enforcement, showing cars at various distances from the camera, which necessitates multiple flashes of various intensities.

In response to this issue, the Phoxene flash can be set so that within a sequence of shots, light intensity varies as required and on-demand.

Reducing traffic enforcement system costs

Because they are especially designed for red-light and speed enforcement, Phoxene flash devices are competitive in terms of unit, total system acquisition, and ownership costs.

With a powerful flash, a medium-priced and average sensitivity camera is enough. Consequently, the cost of the imaging sub-assembly can be reduced.

Power supply and power consumption are also important factors when calculating system cost. Designed to be integrated and then deployed in the field, the 12V Phoxene flash has a very low standby consumption of 2.5W, and a working power limited to 45W.

From a cost of ownership perspective, Phoxene flashes have demonstrated remarkable reliability indicators, and the company's plug-in lamps make on-site maintenance simple and easy.

Upgrade capability is offered in the form of additional colour filters, beam angle adjustment, or even light intensity settings.

About Phoxene

Phoxene is experienced in power optoelectronics and professional photography, manufacturing and delivering strobe and flash solutions worldwide.

Taking into consideration system specifications and enforcement scenarios, the company's engineers help customers to select and test the optimal flash solutions for their needs.

Phoxene products are available in a timeframe of just a few weeks, and are quick and easy to install.

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