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Road Cleaning and Drying Systems


Applied Turbine Technologies (ATT) manufactures and develops road drying and cleaning systems based on jet turbine technologies to power a range of individual applications.

The advantages of using the Zirocco is to activate the surface to get a clean, dry surface at more than 5°C. The jet turbine operates without any open flame. This makes it possible to get the best condition for thermoplastics and allows one or two-component colours to get an optimal connection with the surface.

Road maintenance solutions

ATT´s Zirocco solution effectively dries and cleans roads and can even remove snow and ice. It is ideal for cleaning and drying roads before repair and road marking operations.

The solution is available in a mobile version for small jobs or in a variant that can be operated using a line-driver. For larger projects, the Zirocco can also be mounted on larger road marking machines or trucks. It performs road drying operations that usually require a crew of three people and / or a large track.

The Zirocco is powered by standard diesel-fueled 350kW micro-turbine instead of pressurised liquid petroleum gas (LPG), enabling safer operations in populated areas. The micro-turbine offers 110m³ of airflow per minute at temperatures between 350°C and 550°C.

With a weight of approximately 100kg, the Zirocco offers nozzles with widths of approximately 15cm, 30cm or 40cm. It provides drying and cleaning speeds ranging from 3km/h to 6km/h, depending on weather and road conditions.

Jet turbines for industrial use

The Zirocco road cleaning and drying system is based on ATT´s P-400 gas turbine, a compact and robust industrial gas turbine, which effectively generates both high-velocity air and heat through diesel combustion.

Developed for small applications, the P-400 withstands adverse conditions and offers a long lifespan.

Real-time monitoring and maintenance for road dryer

ATT use a controller DP 250 and Telematics WS system to remotely monitor the jet engines of customer's road dryers, which have their first scheduled service after 100h of operation.

Real-time monitoring of the Zirocco allows the company to supply preventative maintenance and provide replacement parts before problems occur.

The Danfoss telematics solution also offers machine tracking, geofencing and automatic report generation, facilitating the documentation process.

About Applied Turbine Technologies

Applied Turbine Technologies (ATT) was established in 2010 in order to create a business based on small gas turbines. ATT is a private owned company and belongs to the Clausen family, which owns the international company Danfoss.

ATT offers experience within the gas turbine and aerodynamics industries, as well as knowledge of production demands and quality assurance.

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