High-Performance Road Marking Paints

Visever paints

VISEVER designs and manufactures high-performance paints for road and traffic markings, featuring anti-skid capabilities and high-visibility options. Based in Spain with more than 30 years' experience in the industry, the company provides extensive knowledge in all types of traffic paints.

Hot-applied thermoplastic paints for markings on busy roads

VISPRAY® and VIXTRUDER® are advanced thermoplastic paints formulated and manufactured to be applied on heavy traffic roads due to its high durability, optimal efficiency and low traffic interference.

VISPRAY is spray-applied and VIXTRUDER can be extrusion and manually applied for Types I and II markings, offering a consistent melt viscosity, high-quality definition and long-term durability.

Acrylic-solvent born paints for Type I and II road markings

VISACRYL® and VISACRYL - CITY® are versatile and cost-effective solvent-based line marking paints, which can be easily applied with high durability and strong adhesion to most surfaces.

Acrylic waterborne paints

VISAQUA® is an eco-friendly waterborne road marking paint that provides a bright traffic marking based on proven emulsion technologies.

Formulated to work on a wide range of markings such as highways, crosswalks and parking lots, VISAQUA can be applied in temperatures from 10ºC up to 40ºC, and used to apply type I and type II markings.

Dual-component reactive methyl methacrylate (MMA) paints for roundabouts and pedestrian crossings

VISCOMPONENT ® is a two-component road marking paint based on reactive methyl methacrylate (MMA) technology. Applicable by hand or spray (1:1 and 98:2 Technologies), it is highly durable and suitable for night visibility markings.

The paint is based on a fast-drying reaction with peroxide so it is highly suitable for heavy traffic areas such as pedestrian crossings and roundabouts.

It has a high level of adherence on most surfaces and is easy-to-apply. It can be used to apply type I and type II markings.


VISEVER paints offer a high return on investment for clients by using the latest technologies and best raw materials for its production processes.

The company provides a global service that includes technical project assistance, choosing the most suitable paint, application consultation, logistics services and post-application follow-up to ensure the best results.

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