Asura Technologies Licence Plate Recognition Systems for Parking and Road Traffic Applications

Asura Technologies (Asura) develops easy-to-integrate licence plate recognition (LPR) technology for use in parking and road traffic technology solutions.

We also assist with LPR system design, give tips on camera setup to achieve the best recognition rate or organise LPR training for our partners.

Our solutions are vendor-independent so they are compatible with any internet protocol (IP) camera and system. Operators can also manage vendor risk if needed or upgrade existing traffic management systems.

Asura provides a fully functional demo where users can familiarise themselves with the plug and play (PnP) concept and test the application using their own recorded traffic footage. The Asura team is also happy to host live demo sessions to show the actual LPR system setup.

Plug-and-play LPR solutions for the parking and road traffic industry

Asura currently offers both on-site and Cloud-based LPR services.

While ARU PnP can be deployed on-site and integrated into any visual data collection system, the Asura Cloud offers a more economic Cloud-based LPR solution on a monthly subscription basis, to save on system setup costs.

Our turnkey solutions can adapt to any data collection system to enable high-accuracy LPR in the fields of parking, tolling, intelligent traffic systems (ITS), surveillance, congestion charging, traffic violation enforcement, traffic monitoring and journey time measurement.

Our solutions are designed to enable fast and easy system integration, deployment and installation.

Plug-and-play licence plate recognition systems

The Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) enables integrators to create efficient, cost-effective LPR systems.

Featuring built-in, advanced, video analytics-based event management, the solution implements a series of customer-focused features such as the software’s multi-lane processing capability and implemented triggering capabilities to minimise expensive project hardware and setup costs.

ARU+ is the second-generation edition of the ARU. It has all the features of the ARU, as well as speed detection, vehicle direction determination and make / model determination.

It will be available from mid-June 2018 in Europe and September 2018 in the US.

Plug-and-play platforms for new or existing parking and traffic management systems

The Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is an easily deployable PnP application that integrates LPR technology in any new or retrofit traffic or parking management system.

The ARU connects easily to IP cameras or CCTV systems, processes the video stream obtained from the visual input device, performs optical character recognition (OCR) on the footage and automatically returns the results in a database.

Cloud-based LPR solutions

Asura Cloud is a Cloud-based LPR service, which is available on a subscription-basis.

Operators can use the platform to simply upload the images of each event / vehicle, while Asura Cloud takes care of LPR and returns validated data for each event. Subsequent vehicle identification results are pushed to the operator’s backend of their parking or traffic management system.

The service is easy to install, allowing integrators to reduce set-up costs and expensive LPR infrastructure.

Additional data storage and 24/7 software as a service (SaaS) option are available.

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LPR software for parking and traffic applications.

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