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Imagsa Technologies High-Performance Cameras for ALPR, Vehicle Speed and Classification

Imagsa Technologies completely produces in-house a portfolio of innovative high-resolution automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras that combine high-speed CMOS sensors (up to 270 frames/sec) and supercomputing processors.

High-resolution ANPR smart cameras

Imagsa’s main goal is to provide high-resolution automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) smart cameras that achieve the industry’s most accurate recognition performance under any weather, light and traffic condition in the road.

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) embedded parallel computing processor

Imagsa’s cameras integrate a supercomputing device (FGPA) that accelerates the processing of advanced image algorithms and are capable of performing in real-time a great variety of accurate traffic measurements. The result of these innovations is a family of cameras that work autonomously (no-trigger required) to deliver license plate recognition, the speed of vehicles and their class, achieving top reliability in rain, at day and night, and in other environmental and traffic-challenging conditions.

Highest-accuracy ALPR cameras

The Atalaya’Compact is an autonomous (no external trigger) megapixel ALPR camera that detects and recognizes, in real time and with top accuracy, the license plates of any vehicle.

All-weather ALPR cameras

Numerous ALPR cameras underperform in rainy conditions, at sunset or even on non-reflective license plates. However our GPS-based multi-exposition technique (patent pending) allows true 24/7/365 ALPR effectiveness in all conditions and on all number plates. Please see the relevant link below for a demonstration video of the Atalaya’Compact’s great performance on a highway in heavy rain.

Maximum-recognition ALPR cameras

Atalaya’Compact also ensures the maximum image resolution of every license plate in a 7.5m road width. This can be achieved as the ALPR camera uses a high-speed image sensor (270 frames/sec) able to detect and capture the license plate of the vehicle at the closest possible distance from the camera (see picture three). Maximum image resolution of the license plate means that the optical character recognition (OCR) engine will perform better and reach top recognition rates.

Gantry or roadside high-resolution ANPR cameras

In addition to achieve great performance and versatility, Imagsa’s high-resolution ANPR cameras provide installation flexibility to system integrators as they can install the cameras in a gantry or at the roadside.

Vehicle speed detection and vehicle classification cameras

Atalaya’Speed+Class is a software module that is used with the Atalaya’Compact ALPR camera to deliver the vehicles’ speed as well as resolving their class.

These additional traffic measurements can be achieved by using the great capabilities of Atalaya’Compact, a camera capable of capturing 250 high-resolution images per second, and by implementing advanced image-processing techniques. The Atalaya’Speed+Class module runs in the same Atalaya’Compact unit and all the results (ANPR, speed and class) are delivered in real-time.

The combination of Atalaya’Compact and Atalaya’Speed+Class delivers a great variety of traffic measurements in a single ALPR camera, without requiring any additional investments on inductive loops, radars or lasers.

Traffic control, traffic management and dangerous goods cameras

System integrators from various countries are already benefiting from the great performance and versatility of Atalaya’Compact, in addition to its ease of installation and configuration. Imagsa’s ALPR cameras are being deployed in urban and interurban traffic control solutions, achieving outstanding results in terms of performance and reliability. Imagsa has eveloped a new portfolio of solutions called Chronos:

  • Chronos Section : Average speed enforcement and journey time monitoring and origin-destination patterns for two traffic lanes
  • Chronos ADR :Dangerous goods transportation control and security in roads and tunnels
  • Chronos Access : City access control, Black list, White list, Bus lane enforcement
  • Chronos Red : Red light control
  • Chronos Spot : Spot speed enforcement through our new Atalaya 3D camera video based speed

Global partners for ALPR, vehicle speed and classification cameras

Imagsa is currently pursuing a global expansion of its operations and it is establishing a number of strategic alliances in different world regions. The main objective is to collaborate and support companies that are willing to deliver accurate and rich traffic measurements to their customers.

If you would like to join Imagsa’s innovative view, please get in touch with us.

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Imagsa Tecnologies at Gulf Traffic 2015

From 7-9 December, Imagsa Technologies will be exhibiting at Gulf Traffic 2015, stand L31

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10 September 2015

From 7-9 December, Imagsa Technologies will be exhibiting at Gulf Traffic 2015, stand L31

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Imagsa Technologies SA

Sancho de Avila 89




+34 934 869 345 Demo of 250FPS ANPR camera

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