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Lector Vision ANPR and Computer Vision Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Lector Vision designs, develops and manufactures automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems and other computer vision-based traffic solutions for a range of traffic management situations, including car parks, tolls and security.

Lector Vision’s systems monitor and control vehicles, improving management and increasing road safety and infrastructure efficiency.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) intelligent transportation system

Traffic Eye® is an all-in-one ANPR system designed to control up to two lanes of circulation. In one device, Traffic Eye integrates a camera, illumination, processor, power supply and Ethernet communications, as well as Lector Engine Software. Traffic Eye is designed for traffic flow management on motorways, freeways, roads and urban environments. It can provide travel times, origin-destination patterns and restricted area access control.

Traffic Manager is Lector Vision’s control centre application for traffic evolution monitoring, incident management, anomaly detection and traffic control camera visualisation. It allows intelligent real-time storage and analysis of data collected by different sensors. Traffic Manager works with deep learning and big data tools that enable predictive models to cover the current needs of ‘Smart City’ infrastructure managers.

Traffic Guard is a non-intrusive traffic data software based on artificial vision. Its functionalities include vehicle counting and classifying, speed control and alert generation. Based on computer vision algorithms developed in-house, Traffic Guard is an innovative system that offers a change in the way roads are controlled.

This new Lector Vision product has been financed by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

High-speed optical character recognition (OCR) software for ANPR

Lector Engine is an optical character recognition (OCR) software applied to ANPR. It is based on computer vision algorithms and neural networks developed in-house.

The software offers high-speed image processing, excellent precision in number plate detection and complete reliability in the automatic reading of plates. Highly adaptable to different environmental conditions, Lector Engine is an essential tool for systems based on ANPR technology.

License plate recognition (LPR) and parking management solutions

Access Eye® Cube is the new generation of all-in-one license plate recognition (LPR) devices. Fully configurable and controllable by web, Access Eye Cube is equipped with a dual sensor for simultaneously capturing black / white (B/W) and colour images with motorised lenses. Within a single device, Access Eye Cube integrates a high-performance number plate recognition camera, infrared (IR) illumination, processor, electrical power supply and Ethernet communication, as well Lector Engine® ANPR software, which it has a lifetime license for.

Parking Web Terminal is a management application to control public car park access through tickets. It is based on web technology, offering access control, incident management and report generation, among other functionalities.

Access Web Terminal is Lector Vision’s license plate reading software for car parks. It allows real-time information to be obtained on several car parks. The system also generates alerts and provides performance data, customised reports and statistics.

Enforcement solutions for speed monitoring and red light crossing

Traffic Eye® Average Speed Control is an automatic speed control and offence capture system. It has been designed to determine the average speed of all vehicles travelling on a section of enclosed road between two control points, and allows the identification of vehicles with an average speed that exceeds the section’s speed limit.

Traffic Eye® Red Light system helps to avoid vehicle’s Red Light Crossing by automatically detecting vehicles that do not stop. It is an automatic system that integrates two cameras (B/W and colour), CPU and infrared illumination into a single device.

About Lector Vision

Lector Vision is equipped with multidisciplinary technical training, 20 years of experience in the market and a deep knowledge of the intelligent transportation system (ITS) and car park management fields. The company understands the needs of the market and provides customised and standard products to meet specific traffic problems.

Our greatest asset is our ANPR software, which is based on neural networks developed in-house. Lector Vision has used this software as the basis for the design of different hardware solutions and software programmes for various traffic management applications. As specialist consultants, we develop and implement efficient and innovative projects and solutions.

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20 years designing, developing and assembling systems for license plate recognition and other applications based on artificial vision.

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Lector Vision

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