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Leonardo Automatic Number Plate Reader Solutions for Road Safety and Enforcement Agencies

Leonardo is a leading provider of automatic number plate reader (ANPR) hardware and software.

Our product portfolio of ELSAG ANPR technologies delivers robust solutions for law enforcement, as well as parking and tolling agencies.

By accurately reading number plates in milliseconds, day and night, our technologies assist with a variety of missions such as real-time policing, investigations, parking management and enforcement, access control and tolling operations.

Mobile ANPR systems for the road industry

Read and process number plates more efficiently than ever before with Leonardo’s ELSAG Mobile Plate Hunter M6 (ELSAG M6) ANPR system.

The ELSAG M6 works in the background as you carry on with your duties, until it identifies a suspect vehicle. Then, on your in-car laptop, you’ll see and hear alarms providing the plate number, photo of the plate, date, time and global positioning system (GPS) location, which is what you need to quickly find and stop the vehicle of interest.

The ELSAG M6 effectively aids law enforcement with removing unlicensed drivers from roadways, identifying stolen vehicles, assisting US Homeland Security, finding missing persons and many more real-time missions. ELSAG M6 ANPR data can be stored on the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center server and accessed at any time to aid investigations.

Stationary ANPR systems

The ELSAG Fixed F3 Plate Hunter™ (ELSAG F3) ANPR system is the stationary version of the ELSAG M6. Mounted to poles or gantries, it reads number plates from up to 115ft away, collecting the same data and alarming officers as the ELSAG M6.

The ELSAG F3 is engineered for maximum performance with minimal infrastructure by using Power over Ethernet technology, advanced digital cameras with light emitting diode (LED) illuminations and built-in processors. The ELSAG F3 is ideal for security, keeping watch in high crime areas, traffic data collection and enforcement of permitted areas such as high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Automatic licence plate readers for road safety applications

Law enforcement agencies intent on making specific zones along roads safer can now use ELSAG SpeedEnforcer™, a Leonardo automatic licence plate reader (ALPR) application.

SpeedEnforcer uses a simple calculation for speed over time and distance to identify speeding vehicles between two fixed points, such as the entrance and exit of a school zone. When speeders are detected, the system sends alarms to nearby officers ready to interdict, or triggers an automatic ticketing process. This application is ideal for construction zones where law enforcement has difficulty enforcing lower speed limits or stretches of roadway where the speed drops but motorists keep travelling at the higher speed. ELSAG SpeedEnforcer helps law enforcement agencies to create safer environments for all road users.

Automatic number plate reader systems for car parks

Save time and manpower with the ELSAG ParkingEnforcer™ ANPR system that captures the number plate, GPS location, and date and time of parked vehicles during your patrol of enforced areas. That data is instantaneously compared to databases of number plates with parking privileges, to identify unauthorised vehicles.

For each illegal vehicle found, ELSAG ParkingEnforcer alerts officials in real-time, providing a photo of the number plate and GPS location for enforcement.

ParkingEnforcer assists enforcement in both timed and permitted areas and produces a partially populated ticket form to be completed and printed on-site.

With 70% of criminal activity in the US involving a vehicle, Leonardo’s ELSAG Plate Hunter™ ANPR systems are critical to addressing many law enforcement missions.

ELSAG ANPR technologies are force-multipliers, identifying vehicles with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, assisting with a range of tasks such as real-time intervention, investigations, parking management and enforcement, access control, and tolling operations.

About Leonardo

Leonardo is dedicated to developing the most advanced automatic number plate reader systems to aid law enforcement.

Our technologies help create a stronger police and enforcement presence while substantially increasing the efficiency of operations. From collecting number plate data to mining and storing it, we uphold the highest standards of service and privacy, never sharing or selling our customers’ ANPR data. We are committed to maintaining your trust.

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