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Neural Labs provides precise, hardware-independent and easy-to integrate automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) / automatic container code recognition (ACCR) technology, as well as advice and consultancy services.

The company is led by entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in optical character recognition (OCR) systems.

Automatic ID readers and recognition software

Neural Labs supplies software for vehicle license plate recognition, shipping container and cargo train ID recognition based on artificial vision. The company’s software components are easy to integrate into any Windows or Linux operating system.

Neural Labs’s technology extracts the registration number from an image and returns it to the client’s software application. This can be directly integrated with internet protocol (IP) cameras and intelligent transportation system (ITS) cameras, depending on the application.

The vehicle plate automatic reader (VPAR) recognises licence plates from free-flow and stop-and-go cameras, and can connect to several network video recorder (NVR) generating alarms and bookmarks in real-time.

Compliant with ISO 6346 international standards, the container ID automatic reader (CIDAR) reads horizontal, vertical and multi-line codes, as well as the additional information next to the ISO code.

IMO DIAMOND (IMODAR) recognition software can be used in combination with the company’s other solutions, provides multiple codes in one image, and is available in standard and free-flow variants. The hazard ID automatic reader (HIDAR) shares these features, but is specifically designed to read the plates of vehicles containing dangerous goods.

The Brazilian Wagon Automatic Reader (BWAR) complies with Brazilian Society of Technical Rules (ABNT in Portuguese), which are part of the Association of American Railroads (ARR).

OCR maintenance and customisation services

In addition to the company’s OCR software licenses, Neural Labs can provide maintenance agreements for its OCR engines, including its container, ANPR, dangerous goods, and Train ID solutions.

The company can also adapt its OCR engines to match client specifications.

Consultancy and integration services for OCR systems

Neural Labs supplies in-field commissioning assistance for initial installations, as well as consultancy services for software and hardware architecture, configuration and development.

The firm also collaborates with software developers and integration companies to offer turnkey solutions, such as integrating OCR results with security recording platforms or handheld mobile applications.

About Neural Labs

Neural Labs sustains its growth by reinvesting company profits into relevant projects, and updating its systems. The company offers innovative technological solutions that integrate new equipment and meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Since 2011, more than 70% of the company’s turnover has come from foreign exports, due to a steady increase in the use of ALPR and CCR technology. The company is committed to continuously improve its products, which it currently sells to clients in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Since the company was established in 2005, Neural Labs products have been praised for their effectiveness in optical character recognition, even in adverse conditions.

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Neural Lab Announces New Version of its Vehicle Plate Automatic Reader

Neural Labs has unveiled the seventh version of its Vehicle Plate Automatic Reader (VPAR).

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VPAR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Server

VPAR SERVER©, an automatic number plate recognition server, is the evolution of the license plate recognition VPAR library.


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