Adhorna Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composite Poles for Road Lighting and Overhead Lines

Adhorna’s Passive Safety columns fulfil the performance requirements specified in the EN 12767: 2009 standard ‘Passive safety of support structures for road equipment’.

Adhorna specialises in the design, engineering, manufacture and sale of glass-fibre polyester (GRP) composite poles for road and street lighting, and electricity and telecommunication lines.

Adhorna is also dedicated to the engineering, manufacture and sale of concrete prefabricates for civil works, construction industries and telecommunication, electrical and building sectors.

Glass-fibre reinforced polyester composite poles for exterior lighting

Our glass-fibre reinforced polyester composite poles for exterior lighting are manufactured and certified according to EN 40-7 and EN 12767 European standards.

Adhorna has a wide range of columns, which are classified into five categories. The Turia, Guadiana, Segura, Nervión and Tajo series are individually developed to meet different requirements, depending on the luminaries or floodlights they must support, heights (from 3m to 14m), anchoring systems and environment.

Glass-fibre reinforced polyester poles for overhead lines

Adhorna’s glass-fibre reinforced polyester poles can be used in a wide range of applications. These include distribution and transmission lines, highway signs, traffic signals and masts for weather stations. They are also suitable for antennas for telecommunications, surveillance, photovoltaic facilities and airports.

These masts are four times lighter than steel, which makes them highly useful in environments where there are weight limitations and ideal for complex installations.

Passive safety frangible columns for roads

Adhorna offers a Passive Safety columns range, which fulfils the performance requirements specified in the European Standard EN 12767 ‘Passive safety of support structures for road equipment – Requirements, classification and test methods’.

The EN 12767 standard establishes safety categories (classes) for the passive elements of roads in the event of an impact. Following this standard, our columns are certified under the non-energy absorbing ‘Class 100-NE2’ performance level.

This means our columns allow the vehicle to continue after the impact with a limited reduction in speed, providing a lower primary injury risk than energy-absorbing columns available elsewhere on the market.

In addition, Adhorna offers a variety of accessories to attach different types of arms and brackets to its poles.

These fittings are also made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which provides electrical insulation for the whole structure.

Corrosion-resistant, lightweight glass-fibre composite poles

Adhorna’s poles are completely made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which provides the whole structure with an electric isolation Class II that avoids any risk of electrocution.

Poles suffer no corrosion and withstand the most adverse conditions. Their low weight permits manual manipulation and easy transport, which minimises the risk of accident during their handling, assembling and erecting.

We ensure a quality finish by manufacturing poles with pigmented resins and special coatings. Their capacity to absorb vibrations makes our composite columns suitable for lamps and fittings. As they are an inert product, they do not leach chemicals into the ground or water table, soil remediation is never required.

The structural properties of our GRP poles ensure low maintenance costs throughout the product lifecycle.

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Composite Street Lighting Columns in Road Traffic Passive Safety

In order to reduce the high accident rate on roads and communication routes in cities, it is necessary to increase the safety of automobiles.


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