FreeWire Technologies Battery-Powered Charging Solutions for the Road Industry

FreeWire Technologies is a leading provider of battery-powered solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging and mobile power.

We help our customers’ growing needs for fast, quiet and cost-effective power by delivering futureproof energy solutions.

FreeWire’s infrastructure-light EV charging and mobile power solutions enable dealerships, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet operators, campuses, electric utilities and entertainment venues to take on new applications and deploy new business models.

Mobile chargers for EV fleets and workplaces

The Mobi™ Charger can be quickly deployed to meet the rapidly changing EV market and requires no fixed infrastructure.

Our battery-powered Mobi Chargers are a mobile alternative to the infrastructure-heavy, stationary L2 chargers, supplying powerful charging without a complex infrastructure. Installation is simple and can be performed without permits or construction to enable immediate deployment.

Equipped with dual J1772 plugs, Mobi Chargers are also supported by a full-featured software platform for intelligent energy and asset management. A truly mobile solution, the Mobi Charger can be deployed anywhere and includes a drive system and joystick for exact placement.

Key benefits include:

  • Powerful: dual-port Level 2 charging. Add up to 30 miles of range an hour on each vehicle
  • Mobile: fully mobile and self-propelled
  • Easy installation: without requiring construction projects, permitting, or transformer upgrades
  • Convenient recharge: from almost any 240V outlet or existing EV charging stations

Battery-integrated EV chargers for mobile and static applications

The FreeWire Boost Charger™ is a high-performance battery-integrated EV charger.

Available for both stationary and mobile applications, it can be easily installed without costly construction or permitting. With 160kWh of battery capacity and 120kW output, the Boost Charger is ready for current and next-generation electric-vehicles.

With up to 20kW recharge from the grid, the Boost Charger enables ultra-fast charging in areas that could previously not support it and at a much lower price than comparable installations. Studies show an installation cost reduction of as much as 40% when compared to conventional 120kW chargers.

Key benefits of the Boost Charger include:

  • Lower energy costs: energy-buffering technology can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates
  • Easy setup: recharges from a single-phase or three-phase low-voltage grid connection
  • Powerful: delivers up to 480 miles (750km) in a single hour of charging
  • Dual port: equipped with a CCS and CHAdeMO port the Boost Charger can simultaneously charge two cars
  • Efficient: install up to six Boost Chargers with the same grid connection as a single conventional charger

Clean, quiet and mobile power generators

The Mobi™ Gen offers clean and quiet on-site power for a variety of off-grid energy needs.

It supplies uninterruptible power to facilities or remote sites that require a guaranteed source of power. Mobi Gens can be used to complement or fully replace traditional diesel-fuelled generators. The Mobi Gen also delivers pure quality power, resulting in longer device lifespans.

The key benefits of the Mobi™ Gen include:

  • Quality power: pure sinewave power delivery resulting in an increased device life
  • Quiet: quieter than an office conversation even at full load
  • Clean: zero emission. No permits required for indoor or outdoor use
  • Plug-and-Play: be up and running immediately with power

About FreeWire Technologies

FreeWire is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, US, with customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The company is supported by Fortune 500 companies, including BP Ventures, Volvo Ventures, and Stanley Ventures.

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