Reflective Measurement Systems Traffic Speed Surveying Solutions of Reflective Road Assets for Road Maintenance


Reflective Measurement Systems (RMS) provides the RetroTek-M, a traffic-speed vehicle-mounted surveying solution for multiple reflective road assets for the road maintenance industry.

The systems monitor the night visibility of multiple-reflective road assets in one pass to help road authorities and maintenance contractors maintain minimum standards by regularly surveying extensive road networks quickly and economically.

Retro-reflectivity measurement systems

The RetroTek-M offers traffic-speed retro-reflectivity and reflective monitoring systems with data analytics capabilities and video analysis to calculate accurate measurements to handheld accuracy.

Generated data enables efficient maintenance to deliver safer road networks.

The RetroTek-M measures the retroreflectivity (RL) of reflective road lines, markings and symbols and the quantity, presence and absence of road studs / markers and barrier reflectors across the full road width in one pass.

This new technology is capable of monitoring road assets at night at all traffic speeds with twice the efficiency of existing side-mounted, single-line technologies.

The systems are highly efficient, safe, economical and user-friendly.

Maintenance tool for road engineers

The RetroTek-M identifies non-performing reflective road assets, lines, markers and reflectors, assists road maintenance contractors and local authorities by highlighting where asset maintenance is required.

This new technology is a highly efficient tool for road engineers, who are responsible for maintaining road assets and the RL standards of markings and performance of studs and barrier reflectors.

Operated at night at traffic speeds up to 120km/h (75mph) with minimal disruption to traffic flow, the system achieves high productivity at night compared to day surveys disrupted by heavy traffic flows.

Cost-efficient traffic lane systems monitoring

The RetroTek-M increases productivity in comparison to existing side-mounted technologies, and collects road asset data from both lanes of traffic.

It also collects data from the centre of the lane and barrier reflectors, and reduces travel distances and man hours to save motor running and fuel consumption costs.

Safe, Easy-To-Operate traffic measurement systems

RetroTek-M fits to the front of a vehicle has ample road clearance to avoid damage from kerbs and speed ramps.

After RetroTek-M has been fitted to a vehicle, it is easily calibrated on a laptop via a step-by-step graphical user interface (GUI). Wi-Fi and 4G are integrated for online analysis, software upgrades and technical assistance.

Traffic data collection systems

The RetroTek-M solution simultaneously collects up to six streams of road asset data in one pass.

Survey information collected includes survey start and finish time, speed, temperature, humidity, global positioning system (GPS) coordinates, road name / number and asset types by name, and the width of line markings and lane width.

The RetroTek-M measures the retroreflectivity night visibility RL (coefficient of retroreflected luminance) of road lines and markings and the night contrast to CEN 30m geometry.

It also quantifies the absence and presence and performance of road markers (studs) and barrier reflectors to meet road authority standards.

Results are shown in measurement intervals ranging from 100m to 1,000m, and can be displayed on Google Maps with colour-coded thresholds set by the client.

Survey Reports and Cloud-Based Route Mapping

The RetroTek-View software provides instant survey reports in PDF, Excel and .csv formats.

The reports include data validation tools, video images, and a cloud-based repository mapping database displaying survey routes and road assets.

RMS also provides data post-processing and results validation services, survey route planning and assistance, customised report generation.

Analysis of road networks for autonomous vehicles

RetroTek-M is the ideal solution to identify the suitability of global road networks for the safe operation of driver-assisted and self-driving vehicles.

Many modern motor vehicles use lane departure warning (LDW) and lane centering assist (LCA) systems, which require road line markings and lines to be visible for their safe operation.

Certified measurement system for retroreflected luminance

The RetroTek-M complies with the CEN EN 1436, CEN EN 1463 and ASTM E 1710 standards and CEN 30m geometry.

Independently accredited by StrausZert Test Cert No 0913-2015-02, the RetroTek-M is certified to measure the RL of road markings based on geometry and measuring conditions given in European Standard EN 1436.

The test confirms that it provides the same measured values of RL as a portable handheld device, and that RL can be accurately detected at all traffic speeds.

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Press Release

Dynamic Road Marking / Striping Retroreflectometer with Full Lane Width Capability Evaluated to ASTM A 1710

StrAus-Zert recently evaluated the RetroTek-MU (USA Version) as a suitable Dynamic Pavement Retroreflectometer for measuring the coefficient of retroreflected luminance RL of road markings/striping according to ASTM E 1710.

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RetroTek-M Mobile Retroreflective Measurement Technology

The compact Retroreflectometer that measures simultaneously at traffic speed across the full width of a road lane in one pass.


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Press Release

10 October 2017

StrAus-Zert recently evaluated the RetroTek-MU (USA Version) as a suitable Dynamic Pavement Retroreflectometer for measuring the coefficient of retroreflected luminance RL of road markings/striping according to ASTM E 1710.

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31 July 2017

RMS will be demonstrating its RetroTek-M solution at the forthcoming 29th International Baltic Road Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, between 28 and 30 August 2017.

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2 November 2016

The RetroTek-M is the first Dual Line mobile retroreflectometer to be certified to EN1436.

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