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Ingal Civil Products Steel Road Safety Barrier Systems

Ingal Civil Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of safety barrier systems. A division of Industrial Galvanizers Corporation, we are part of a large network of companies specializing in engineered steel products and galvanizing services whilst employing over 8,000 people in more than 20 countries.

At Ingal Civil Products we pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the safety of our roads. Our product range includes road safety barriers, car park and industrial barriers, workzone and traffic control products, delineation and guideposts, and fencing products.

We are the market leader for safety barrier systems and continue to service our customers through our ongoing program of research and development.

Road safety barrier systems

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of road safety barrier systems, we are proud of our reputation as a supplier of innovative, high-quality products backed by our professional sales representatives.

Our product range favourites include Flexbeam guardrail, Flexfence wire rope safety barrier (also known internationally as Safence), TRACC crash cushions and the ET2000 guardrail terminal.

A recent addition to our product range is Ezy-Guard, a MASH compliant guardrail barrier providing superior motorist safety and installation benefits. Ezy-Guard offers fewer components, rapid installation and high performance.

Other recent additions to our product range include spring steel buffas, workzone barriers, pedestrian fencing and motorcyclist barriers.

Our commitment to product development through rigorous crash testing ensures that our customers are well equipped with the highest standard of safety barrier systems.

Next-generation steel guardrail barrier

The Ezy-Guard steel guardrail barrier provides superior motorist safety and more metres of guardrail barrier for your dollar. Developed by Ingal Civil Products, Ezy-Guard is crash tested to the latest performance standard distinguishing it from all existing guardrail barriers.

The Z-post profile shields post edges from vulnerable road users and provides sectional strength when driving through difficult ground conditions.

An Ezy-Carriage is used to secure the w-beam rails to the posts and eliminate the requirement for blocking pieces and rail stiffening plates. This unique connection provides a soft ride-down for occupants and smooth vehicle containment and redirection.

Ezy-Guard is available in two configurations: Ezy-Guard Smart and Ezy-Guard Heavy Duty (HD).

Lightweight steel guardrail barriers

Ezy-Guard Smart imposes lower forces to the impacting vehicle than traditional guardrail barriers. As the barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated, reducing occupant risk. The lightweight, ductile Z-posts provide a forgiving impact, reducing ride-down deceleration forces and minimizing vehicle damage.

Heavy-duty steel guardrail barriers

Ezy-Guard HD provides protection from roadside hazards located close to the edge of the travelled way. The sectional strength of the HD Z-post reduces lateral deflection whilst providing controlled containment and redirection.

Crash-tested steel guardrail barriers

Ezy-Guard Smart and HD have been fully crash tested and evaluated according to the specifications for Test Level 3 of the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). The MASH specification is an update to and supersedes NCHRP Report 350 for the purpose of evaluating new safety hardware devices.

The MASH TL3 test condition represents a 13% and 18% increase in energy when compared to NCHRP 350 TL3 and TL4, respectively.

Safer guardrail barrier system for vulnerable road users

Ezy-Guard has been designed to provide consideration to vulnerable road users including motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists. The Ezy-Guard design does not contain any elements that become projectiles and there are no aggressive edges.

The revolutionary design of Ezy-Guard shields the top of the posts by positioning the guardrail above the posts. This eliminates a dangerous snag point, reducing the potential for the barrier to dismount motorcyclists or cyclists.

This is a significant safety benefit compared to other guardrail and cable barrier designs.

Steel guardrail barrier with a cost advantage

The use of fewer components and a lightweight Z-post design provides savings on materials, freight and installation. Ezy-Guard is up to 55% narrower than the current guardrail systems, conserving valuable formation width and allowing a greater recovery width to be provided for errant vehicles.

The design of the Z-post differs from current guardrail systems in that it relies upon yielding of the post rather than yielding of the surrounding soil. This makes the Z-post suitable for installation in rock, asphalt or concrete mowing strips. Unlike the traditional guardrail barriers, there is no requirement to drill large diameter holes backfilled with compressible fill when rock is encountered.

Environmentally friendly guardrail barrier systems

Ezy-Guard uses up to 30% less steel than traditional guardrail barrier systems. This reduction in steel content reduces energy consumption, creating a smaller ecological footprint, providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

For more information on Ezy-Guard or other road safety products contact us using the details below.

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The Next Generation Steel Guardrail has Arrived

Ezy-Guard is the next generation steel guardrail barrier providing superior motorist safety and more metres of barrier for your dollar. Developed by Ingal Civil Products, Ezy-Guard is crash tested to the latest performance standard, distinguishing it from all existing Australian public domain guardrail barriers.

Ingal Civil Products

PO Box 5262, Minto


New South Wales


+61 2 9827 3300 (outside Australia) 02 9827 3300 (within Australia) +61 2 9827 3333 (outside Australia) 1800 803 795 (toll free within Australia)

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Ingal Civil Products

PO Box 5262, Minto


New South Wales


+61 2 9827 3300 (outside Australia) 02 9827 3300 (within Australia) +61 2 9827 3333 (outside Australia) 1800 803 795 (toll free within Australia)

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