Marking the Future with You

We have over 90 years of experience from the horizontal marking industry. Competent sparring, professionalism and focus on your needs are important factors to guide you in the right direction when you have a marking job to do! Geveko Markings offers the full range of materials for horizontal markings, and is marking the future with water borne paint, thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic, tactile markings and cold plastic. Moreover, Geveko Markings offers solvent borne paint. The sales department speaks your language and employs sales people in different countries around the world, and co-operate with clients from all over the world. The products are produced in our European production sites in Denmark, Scotland, Norway, Germany, and Sweden. Geveko Markings’ business concept is to develop and provide high quality products, thereby contributing to an increased road safety. Continuously, Geveko Markings provides faster, easier, safer and more durable marking solutions for our customers to rely on. In addition, Geveko Markings aim for a value-added and closer cooperation with customers, specifiers and authorities, thus establishing stronger partnerships. To read more, please download this free white paper.

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