In-Vehicle Video Surveillance Boosts Public Safety

Terrorism, crime, and vandalism targeting public transit systems, such as the London bombings in July 2005, and killings on school buses and transit lines in recent years, have highlighted the importance of in-vehicle video surveillance. From London to Paris to Taipei, and in many other metropolitan areas around the world, an increasing number of IP surveillance solutions have been installed on buses and other rolling stock to implement recording of images both onboard and outside the vehicles.

The continually declining price of IP (network-based) video surveillance equipment and improved network bandwidth have increased the affordability of the latest technology and further fueled market growth.

Vehicle surveillance serves multiple purposes: it helps protect passengers and drivers onboard as well as pedestrians and other drivers on the road. It also helps to enforce driver and rider regulations as drivers and riders know they're being watched and are more likely to follow the rules. It can help fix responsibility after an event, and even helps reduce frivolous claims.

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