iSHM: Structural Health Monitoring for Bridges

Any large structure is subject to forces that will cause it to deviate from its original design. As a structure ages, components such as bearings will fail, cable stays will weaken and the cumulative effects of cyclic or exceptional loads will reduce the structure’s resistance.

Physical inspections of a bridge will detect these problems before they become a safety issue. However, full inspections are mandated every six years and a fault may not be noticed until is well advanced and expensive to rectify. Even the most thorough physical inspection only provides a snapshot of a bridge’s condition.

Our monitoring systems observe the bridge at hourly or daily intervals. For exceptional events, they can measure at up to 500Hz. Our clients can access up to date bridge data from their own workstation, receive reports (typically every six months) and, if there are significant changes in the condition of their bridge, they receive an immediate alert.

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