China-based telecoms company Huawei Technologies has reportedly revealed plans to develop radar for autonomous cars using its 5G technology expertise.

Speaking at a Beijing conference on intelligent connected vehicles, Huawei deputy chairman Xu Zhijun told Reuters that the company is considering building an ‘ecosystem of car-equipped sensors’.

As part of this, it plans to develop millimetre-wave radar and laser radar for self-driving cars. Details regarding the time period for the development have not been revealed.

Autonomous vehicle developers use millimetre-wave radar and laser radar sensors to gather data on vehicle surroundings.

Last week, a Huawei executive said that the company is in discussions ‘with some US telecoms companies about licensing its 5G network technology to them’.

According to Forbes, Huawei is currently working on different autonomous technologies with European and Chinese automotive companies.

The company launched 5G communications hardware intended for use in the automotive industry at the Shanghai Auto Show held in April. It developed a 5G car module based on the Balong 5000 5G chip.

In February, Huawei launched a range of products for autonomous driving mobile networks.

These include the MBB Automation Engine (MAE) and BTS5900 series base stations. The company believes the solutions will pave the way to accelerate 5G use.