Saudi Arabia has allocated SAR10.78bn ($2.87bn) for 284 road projects in 2012 in its annual budget.

The funds will be used to develop 4,154km of highways, secondary and branch roads, as well as conducting studies and designing 2,139km of new roads.

A total of SAR15m ($4m) has been allocated to conduct studies and design public transportation systems to ease traffic flow in large cities.

The new budget includes some new projects, in addition to existing works that need to be completed.

814km of new roads, as well as the study and design of 759km of roads are planned for Riyadh and the surrounding region.

Due work in the Makkah region includes 432km of new roads, in addition to the study and design of 80km of roads.

In Madina, 372km of new roads will be built and studies will be carried out on 90km of roads, while the Qassim region will see construction of 216km of new roads and studies on 50km.

The length of new highways awaiting construction in the Asir region is estimated at 428km, with studies being carrried out for the construction of a further 202km.

In the Eastern Province, 496km of new roads will be built and studies being conducted to construct 175km.

The budget unveiled 230km of new roads for Tabuk, while Ha’il will see a stetch of 213km constructed with studies carried out for 92km of highway.

In the Northern Border region, 194km of new roads have been planned with studies on 66km of roads.

The new budget also included the Jizan region, which will have 217km of new roads, including studies for 212km.

Najran region will receive 247km of new roads with studies conducted for 67km; the Baha region will see a new stretch of 140km and studies for 162km, while the Al-Jouf region will see 154km new roads and studies for 184km.