Saudi Arabia has allocated SAR11.3bn ($3bn) for 389 new road projects with a total length of 6,600km across the country.

The country’s ministry has also allotted SAR750m ($200m) for road maintenance and SAR50m ($13m) for conducting studies on 2,762km of new roads.

Riyadh will receive most of the funding for the new projects stretching the length of 962km, which includes the first phase of Alkharj-Quwaieya Road, the second phase of Afif-Dhalam Road and the road linking Riyadh-Qassim Road with Riyadh-Huraimala.

In the Makkah province, the projects involve the fourth phase of the ring road in Jeddah, expansion of Taif Sail Al Kabir Road, linking of Sail Al Kabir with Taif Riyadh Expressway, the second phase of Bisha-Kharma Road, and Um Al-Zella-Hawiya Nemar Road.

Projects will also be completed in the Madinah, Qassim and Eastern Provinces.