Vestel AC and DC Residential and Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

Vestel EVCs are high-quality EV charging solutions for all types of residential, enterprise and commercial applications.

The company offers a full range of AC and DC charging equipment from simple PnP home chargers to the most advanced smart chargers for e-mobility services.

AC chargers for residential and commercial EV charging

Vestel AC-type EV chargers with 3.7kW-22kW power outputs meet the demands of residential and public EV charging.

Having received the most prestigious design awards from Red Dot and Plus X, Vestel AC-type EV Chargers have set standards for simplicity, reliability, and ease-of-use.

AC EV chargers feature an integrated RFID module and can be controlled by keycards for authenticated use. Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and GSM enables remote diagnostics and upgrades.

A smartphone application for Vestel AC-type EVCs is also available for residential users to control, programme and monitor charging sessions.

Bespoke, fully adaptable DC EV chargers

Vestel DC chargers are fully customisable and upgradable ultra-fast charging equipment supporting both CCS and CHADEMO standards.

A modular upgradable design supports different power output levels up to 180kW and significantly reduces first-time investment costs according to specific application requirements.

Multiple connectivity options via LTE, Wi-Fi, and LAN ensure continuous system management, while local backup services enable seamless operation.

Optional built-in, high-bright LCD displays suit branding and advertisement activity to help generate additional business for charge point operators.

Vestel chargers are designed according to the highest industry standards and feature the most advanced connectivity and authentication options to support operational demands. Internet connectivity allows integration of the Vestel EVCs for any individual charge point network.

EV technical support and maintenance

Vestel Technical Support and Maintenance activities are continuously available for all EV Chargers and CPMS solution. In-house or on-site training and support sessions are scheduled according to client requirements.

Service, software upgrades and spare-parts are accessible through local partners or the Vestel Global Organisation.

About Vestel Group

Formed of 28 companies, Vestel Group operates across many industries, including consumer electronics, mobile technologies, home appliances, LED lighting, professional displays and EV charging solutions.

Headquartered in Turkey as part of Zorlu Holding, Vestel not only has a strong presence there but also leverages its further ten subsidiaries across various parts of the world to supply its products to a global client base.

Due to its prominent manufacturing and R&D site, Vestel Group has established a position as a global player, exporting to 157 countries.

Vestel City is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing facilities, with a 1.16 million square meter factory space and a 700,000 square meter enclosed space. 1,600 engineers and R&D staff, scientists and 16,000 employees help spin the wheels at these massive factories.

Under this immense scale of Vestel City, fast collaboration and strong cohesion between both groups show a complete picture of the end-to-end production line, which is the result of holistic understanding of Vestel.

Vestel is well-positioned for the future with its stunning scale of production capacity, sophisticated design and innovation, high product quality, and superior market share growth.

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Vestel Electric Vehicle Chargers

The onboard charger and the BMS define the EV’s maximum charging power and also manage the charging sequence of the batteries.

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